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  ~~~~~~~ FEATURES ~~~~~~~
  • Highest Isolated Density 12 Channels/Card
  • Low Cost Totally Modular Yet Fully  Isolated Design,  BUY ONLY WHAT YOU NEED NOW,  Upgrade, add channels anytime, ON SITE with assured accuracy and performance.  
  • 16 Bit Precision, Tracking Rate / 1000o/sec.
  • Frequency 47 to 10,000 Hz.
  • Real-Time CONTINUOS Fault Detect
  • Any Mix of Differing Synchro - Resolver, Voltages and frequencies.
  • 100% Transformer Isolated Signal & Ref. I/O
  • Individual Real-Time Tracking Converters
  • On-The-Fly Resolution
  • Large Host of Real-Time Control Functions
  • Programmable AC Reference Supplies
  • Separate Reference I/O for Every Channel
  • Multispeed, and Multiturn Support
  • VME, VXI, and 64X styled and Conduction Cooled Models, All Temps, and enviro's. 
  • SCHEMATICS Available /Gold Packs

 The VSV Series are VME and VXI compatible, 12 channel: isolated, synchro, resolver, and LVDT input cards with "automatic" wrap-around self-test, and continuous  built-in-test, designed for high performance commercial, military, and industrial; real-time, instrument, and control applications.

They will accept up to 12 channels of Direct Synchro, Resolver or LVDT inputs, and simultaneously convert them into real-time, accurate, natural binary digital data, available over the VME and VXI compatible data bus, via standard 16 bit data words, with a truly monotonic resolution to 16 bits wide (0055o ). 

In addition to the transformer isolation, these converters provide the highest noise immunity in the industry, the closely coupled true type II servo loop assures the user of a repeatable and virtually jitter-free responce, even when its input cables are subject to adverse and electrically hostile surges and transients.

Because of the VSV's Truly Modular Design, Everyone can certainly reap major cost savings in both their development and whole system costs, you buy only what you need today, and upgrade as the project gets bigger or to increase the amount of auxilliary inputs at any time !  Worse case spares simply use a fully populated part number.

VSV cards all feature 16 bit resolution, program configurable real-time event synchronized "Snapshot" control inputs, independently isolated reference and signal inputs for each channel, and options that include both fixed, and, up to 2 channels of programmable, high power, AC reference supplies.

Because the VSV Series uses proven, reliable whole converter modules, and leading edge LSI interface technology; VSV Series cards offer COTS availability, aggressive pricing, and the best density verses performance and cost ratios available in the marketplace.

The Converters

This series uses high performance, transformer isolated, tracking, ratiometric; synchro/resolver and LVDT to digital converters, with internal three-point-angle self test, and built-in-test; having internal solid state type two servo loops that track the absolute position displacement, real-time, providing a crisp, virtually dynamic response, very high accuracy, repeatability, and a resolution of 16 bits wide.

Data made available to the bus is continuously updated (tracking) without interruption; output data is stable, accurate, and always fresh up to the maximum tracking rate of the converter. When address and control variables are set, all data bits are latched simultaneously into buffered registers to prevent false reads.


Transformer isolated units are completely isolated from each other and the backplane for all the reference and signal lines. This completely isolates the card and effectively the whole computer from all field wiring, eliminating concerns over troublesome ground loops, differing potentials, ground interjected spikes, or ghostly field noise, that take down entire systems.

~~~ Applications ~~~
  • Military Servo Control Systems
  • Artillery Fire Control Systems
  • Antenna, Radar, & Sonar Systems
  • Avionic Systems & Instruments
  • Robotics and Manipulators
  • Naval Retransmission Systems
  • Multi-axis Motor Controls
  • GPS and Navigation Systems
  • Antenna and Radar Systems
  • Fuel Rod Positioning Systems
  • Vehicular control systems
  • Semiconductor Wafer Handling
Data Bus:

Maximum versatility has been employed to assure universal compatibility in addressing, timing, system, microcomputer, and multiple processors on the bus, independence..

Status registers are used to provide card configuration data, and on a per channel basis, to provide channel configuration, and fault status.

The VSV Series is designed with a powerful register-based control platform that provides Automatic Wrap-Around Self-Test and other intelligent type yet real-time control functionality; without the use of slower, less reliable, and software burdened, manual user code driven, or microprocessor type implementations.

All registers are interrupt-free, high speed data access; simply address and read/write the data.  Thus, the user gets true automatic self-test, software-free confidence, and, powerful dynamics control and report functionality, with all the ease of using simple, direct, high speed register access.

The high speed register based interface allows these cards to operate reliably in any software environment, with uninhibited Real-Time performance.

All command and configuration registers are provided with "Read-back"ability, to assure support with multiple processors running on the bus.

ALL THE FEATURES SHOWN, control functionality, and self test, EVERYTHING,..IS STANDARD EQUIPMENT SHIPPED ON ALL UNITS !  the only options are package grade, and reference supplies.

Reference Supply Options

12 Channel cards can have 1 reference supply, 400 to 10,000 Hz. up to 28VAC, or 115VAC @ 400Hz. Models can have 1 or 2 separately isolated outputs,  output drive options up to a 5VA. up to 2 programmable, or even 6 fixed AC reference supplies. The Programmable Reference Supplies are suitable for driving external Synchro, Resolver and LVDT/RVDT sensors, instruments or simulators. The parameters are register programmable for a frequency range of 400 to 10,000 Hz., and an amplitude range of 0 to 28VAC.

Snapshots, External Synchronized Inputs: "Real-Time-Event Position Capture":

For time or external event driven applications, taking real-time snapshots, on test apparatus, for target confirmations, and strobe-light style position strobes.  The "Snapshot Position Capture" inputs register masked to activate any selection of channels. A Low logic level input will freeze the data, and positive inputs cause: fresh, real-time data to continuously flow through the registers awaiting either standard reads, synchronized, or fresh snapshot "freeze" input strobe.

Automatic Wrap-Around Self-Test

The VSV Series includes a very comprehensive Automatic Wrap-Around Self Test feature that, may be selected to be initiated by the VME Bus System Reset, and at any time may be initiated by  the control word with a card reset or Auto-Test command bit.

During the auto-test, the VSV card first runs an internal register transfer, verifies the results and auto-configures the card to default settings. If successful, a passed (initiation) bit in the status word is set. Next, the VSV Card internally disconnects the field signal inputs, and instead injects into the converters fixed analog test angle, compares all the converters results to acceptable tolerances, compiling a report, the VSV card then switches back in the field signal inputs and checks for signal loss and built-in-test status. If all was successful the Ready Bit in the status word is set and Fail LED cleared. A global fault status bit and channel fault register is used to identify each channels results.

The 115VAC @ 400 Hz. option is a utility for high voltage applications, where a 400Hz. source may not be readily available.

All of the Reference supplies feature virtually indestructible short-circuit proof outputs, transient protection and internal heat sinks, with added design considerations for conduction cooled models..

Package style and Temperature Grade:

Package options available range from standard low-cost commercial air-cooled VME and VXI compatible B size cards, extended temperature range industrial cards, conduction cooled industrial units, MIL-Grade Extended Temperature Range Conduction Cooled assemblies, and Size C cage-shielded VXI model variations.

Conduction cooled units (CCAs) are designed to IEEE Std. 1101.2 for military and rugged applications; provided with an additional thermal conductive layer for optimum heat transfer toward the top and bottom edges, and wedge style card-lock expanders on the card guide edges for conductive heat transfer to the chassis. The temperature considerations, the use of board stiffeners, thru hole semiconductors/PGA's, and encapsulated converters; provide high resistance to shock and vibration, and large temperature extremes typical of many military and mobile-industrial applications.

All the same wiring, functionality, versatility, and software control. This allows users to buy only the package variant they need for each specific application, to reduce system development and product cost.

Real-Time Read Control Functions:

All Data Reads are automatically transfer synchronized to the user, insuring that they only report real-time valid data.

However, two additional types of mechanism are made available to insure that every users interpretation of real-time, whether based on each converters real-time position, some external event, time driven, synchronized real-time, or even choice multi-channel synchronization is achievable, and simply executed with the standard product.

Multispeed/Multiturn and Synchronized reads:

The VSV firmware supports simultaneous multi-channel store-to-read commands required to properly interrogate multispeed/multiturn resolvers and synchro's .

Standard reads require no assist. Synchronized axis', and multi-speed or 2-3 resolver gang-geared multiturn synchro or resolver packages, can have their respective channels latched simultaneously.

Accurate Multitspeed and Multiturn readings can be achieved regardless of the fine/coarse alignment on the field mounted synchro's/resolvers or field input devices.  In fact even intentionally offset or arbitrary fine/coarse placement can be converted to accurate, totally useable, linear, and non-ambiguous data. 

Programmable Force Freeze:

The Programmable Force Freeze is a user freeze command register, simply clear bits corresponding to any or all the channels that should have a mutually synchronized read, and read the data. This mechanism insures that the desired channels are read together, all their data was captured at the same point in time, and that no data skewing between channel reads is possible (regardless of unrelated interrupts to the master).  This is enables real-time program controlled snapshots, or simultaneous captures of multiple axis without time skew, ideal for time stamping, system analysis, synchronizing, and multi-axis coordination.

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